General Contracting

We manage the overall project that includes vendors and trades and communication of information to involved parties through the course of the project. Other scope includes assisting in project approval permits, monitoring schedule and cash flow, maintaining accurate records and ensuring a safe and secure project site.


Project Management

We provide project management service during both the pre-construction and construction phase. During the pre-construction phase, we offer planning and scheduling estimates, value engineering, budget development and monitoring, and pre-qualification of subcontractors to provide value and potential cost savings.

During the construction phase, we monitor and ensure that all materials and subcontractor performances meets the expectation to ensure that the project is fully completed.


Design & Build and Turnkey contract

Our expertise also extends to design & build and turnkey contract for construction, where after being provided the project brief by the client, we will work with experience architects & consultants to develop the projects design and specifications, During construction, we will manage information relating to design and construction issues that will lead to successful project delivery.


Special Projects

We also work on special projects that involve response to unique construction challenges which differs from traditional construction management.